FFS Refiners and H&R South Africa develop a high potential SME

FFS Refiners and H&R South Africa are actively driving localisation and transformation through the development of UGODO Health and Safety consultants, an SME currently participating in the Durban Chemicals Clusters Accelerator programme. The cluster is celebrating the launch of UGODO Health and Safety Consultant’s R2 million supplier development project which was made possible by through funding by FFS Refiners and H&R South Africa. This is a prime example of pooling of resources and collective efficiencies, to facilitate and derive the mutual benefits of clustering. When UGODO Health and Safety Consultant presented a compelling investment case for a mobile clinic, the two lead firms recognised the opportunity and pursued it, as both firms understood the value of mitigating lost productivity as a result of absenteeism which could be addressed through UGODO’s proposed service offering.  

UGODO Health and Safety Consultants was first identified in the 2021 Durban Chemicals Cluster Dragons’ Den event, where they showcased their capabilities, which at the time were limited to health and safety training, emergency preparedness, health and safety audits and files, and the installation and servicing of fire extinguishers. As part of the Accelerator, UGODO Health and Safety Consultants were able to put together a business case for a mobile clinic occupational health service offering that piqued the interest of FFS Refiners and H&R. 

H&R South Africa signed a letter of interest in May 2022, expressing their willingness to procure on-site medical testing services from UGODO Health and Safety Consultants, and FFS Refiners expressed an interest in developing UGODO Health and Safety Consultants as a supplier of on-site medical testing services in August 2022. Subsequently the cluster launched a supplier development project to facilitate the realization of the mobile clinic service. 

The support that UGODO Health and Safety Consultants will receive includes: 

  1. A feasibility study to confirm the optimal design of the mobile clinic service offering, as well as an investment case developed to present to other funders for future service expansion. 
  2. Investment in one mobile clinic 
  3. Technical support and mentorship from experts in sales, marketing and business coaching 
  4. Setting up UGODO Health and Safety Consultants to scale their mobile clinic service offering  

“I am very excited about this amazing opportunity DCC presented to us. My eyes are pouring tears of joy and disbelief. I am very proud of the support we have received from BMA for the development of our business case which demonstrated our goals and vision. This is the beginning of a long journey that UGODO will embark which provide employment and growth opportunities” UGODO Health and Safety Consultants Chairman, Mr Wiseman Shange.  

This project demonstrates the cluster and the lead firms’ commitment to driving transformation and localisation in the chemicals industry. Furthermore, it will develop the value chain in a meaningful way and will yield long-term efficiency benefits in these two firms. Additionally, this project will also create jobs and opportunities in the Hammarsdale community. 

The cluster is excited to see more opportunities for UGODO Health and Safety Consultants emerge, and with the launch of the 2022 Accelerator, more high-potential SMEs will have an opportunity to engage with big customers and potentially secure commercial opportunities.