Skills Development

We are creating a world class talent pipeline for the chemicals industry.


Unlike other self-driven online skills programmes, our approach provides a solid foundation for manufacturing employees to learn and implement improvement projects at their plant.

Customised solutions: we have experience in delivering strategic skills projects that support BBBEE spending, strategic growth initiatives, lean manufacturing interventions, succession planning strategies and productivity improvements.

New Entrant Training

SME Business Skills Development
Through an accredited training programme, and in partnership with the CHIETA, we deliver business skills and innovation training to new and emerging enterprises in the chemicals manufacturing industry.

Unemployed Youth Development
Bridging the gap between TVET and graduate school, our programme provides unemployed graduates with the skills to contribute meaningfully and perform exceptionally in the chemicals manufacturing industry.

Employee Training

Team Leader Development Programme:

  • Introduction to lean manufacturing applicable to all employees
  • Applicable to learners at all academic levels
  • Targeted at team leaders and supervisors
  • Application-driven lean manufacturing curriculum
  • Better manage teams and conflict
  • Support company-wide waste reduction initiatives
  • Impactful and sustained learning that involves practical, blended mentorship
  • Engaging, interactive and scenario-based exercises

Emerging Leader Development Programme:

  • Change management training
  • Applicable to junior through to senior management
  • Identify opportunities for business/process improvement
  • Combination of online theory and practical change management project delivery
  • External mentorship support from industry executives
  • Practical business application
  • Core skills for leadership in manufacturing