DCC Accelerator success: Ocean Plastic Technologies creates 450 jobs

Ocean Plastics Technologies takes waste and ocean plastic in its collected form and combines it with recycled plastics to manufacture ocean plastic-based laminate boards point of sale solutions, sheeting, agricultural and promotional products.  

Through the participation in the Durban Chemicals Cluster Business Accelerator in 2019 Ocean Plastic Technologies was able to disrupt conventional recycling through the establishment of its independently operated township-based Micro Recycling Plants which reclaim ocean and waste plastics at source before it can enter waterways and the oceans. The leading chemicals firms invested R750 000, allowing Ocean Plastic Technologies to purchase shipping containers that were repurposed as Micro Recycling Plant. 

The Micro Recycling Plants have directly and indirectly created 450 jobs and have provided a source of revenue for reclaimers who are paid for their plastic waste. The townships are cleaner with 1553 tons of plastic waste reclaimed and recycled. 

To see what Ocean Plastics have achieved so far, watch this video here.