Unlock Your Industry’s Future Through Team Leaders

Leveraging and developing talent is critical to unlocking your global competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. It is, after all, your people who enable your organisation to navigate, lead and adapt to rapid global and local changes. The vast potential within a frontline workforce holds the keys to unlock the radical innovations that businesses so desperately need. By positioning your team leaders in a pivotal role, it will facilitate an environment for innovation.

Lean manufacturing provides a road map and a set of tools for your team leaders to manage & engage their teams confidently & effectively. The challenge is, how to quickly and cost-effectively provide this to your existing/emerging team leaders to unlock the potential in your business?

Our innovative, Lean Team Leader Development Programme is a response to this challenge. This programme is designed to unlock productivity and continuous innovation within your frontline manufacture workforces, through developing your team leaders’ lean manufacturing capabilities.

This is achieved by providing your business with engaging, application-driven, and principles of waste reduction that will increase customer value. The programme also includes practices to reduce waste and implementation tools for your team-based improvement.

Lean Team Leader Development Programme assists current and emerging team leaders who are responsible for productivity and output from a frontline workforce. The programmes core content is deployed through an online, engaging learning platform. It harnesses cutting edge learning science and technology, with in-factory, application-based practical assignments geared to drive rapid impact to your business.

The current and future challenges set before your industry, demands effective development of team leaders. It is they who are uniquely positioned to unlock the potential within your workforces for ongoing innovation to take your business into a brighter, healthier, and more productive future. The Lean Team Leader Development Programme will effectively and efficiently achieve this.