SHEQ Tour: Focus on Environmental Management

12 June 2018

Waste water management as a critical component of SHEQ

As a core objective of the Durban Chemical Cluster’s (DCC) Operational Excellence Programme, is to promote effective SHEQ management and highlight the critical components of SHEQ for effective implementation. SHEQ Tours offer members the opportunity to visit new facilities and learn about on-site safety, health, environment and quality management systems. This quarter, the DCC shall visit Veolia Water Technologies to understand the practice of waste water treatment and management.

Essential for life, clean water is one of the most important natural resources. Waste water can also be a valuable resource, especially during recurring droughts and water shortages. The harmful substances contained in waste water cannot be released until treated. Thus the importance of waste water treatment is twofold: to restore the water supply and to protect the environment from toxins.

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