DCC Waste Management Support

The DCC recognises the extent and complexity of waste legislation in South Africa and offers a waste management support programme explicitly addressing legal compliance. Direct firm support is provided, as well as other tools to assess current waste management practices, identify legal compliance gaps, and assist members in reaching full compliance.

Important Compliance Update Note

As from 23 August 2019, all liquid wastes are banned from landfill, as well as reactive wastes, recyclable waste oils, whole waste tyres, lamps, lead-acid batteries, and waste with a calorific value >20MJ/kg, amongst others. Previous regulations stated that hazardous liquid waste with high calorific values >20MJ/kg, such as refinery waste, chemically processed paint waste, hydrocarbon-contaminated liquids, sludges and chemical solvents, ought to have been progressively banned from landfills as from August 2017. There are examples in the cluster where members have managed to reduce or successfully eliminate hazardous liquid waste. If this is a challenge at your factory, contact us for more information.

Contact the DCC to book your waste site review with a registered scientist. A limited number of site visits can be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Firms which did not participate in 2018 will receive preference. Let our expert guide you through the checklists and provide an action plan with recommendations to compliance.

Call the DCC help-desk with specific waste-related queries. Our in-house environmental scientist may be able to assist. If not, we will link you to someone who can. Tel 031-7646100 or email dcc@bmanalysts.com

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