DCC Carbon Benchmarking: Competetive Edge

Benchmarking provides firms with the opportunity to compare themselves against peers, enabling identification of areas requiring increased focus.

The benefits of benchmarking include:

  • Confirmation of performance benchmarks achieved by peers
  • Detailed, objective assessment of operations and processes
  • Identification of priority areas requiring attention

Benchmarking is offered to all cluster members, at no additional cost. The process involves completion of a detailed questionnaire, as well as a site visit and interviews with identified personnel. A report is generated and presented back to the management team highlighting areas of concern and excellence, with recommendations. Benchmarking year on year provides invaluable data to firms over time, and can, at times, be an essential step to certification.

In order to prepare for future carbon tax preparation, a carbon emissions section is included in the benchmark questionnaire. If completed, this provides a measurement tool for carbon emissions and a measure of current status against that of industry peers. The DCC team is available to support members through the process, and to extract maximum benefit from the section.

Members looking to find out more can contact the cluster on DCC@bmanalysts.com or 031764 6100

For non-members, the DCC is offering five complimentary benchmarks on a first-come, first-served basis, to showcase the value of the exercise as well as of ongoing DCC membership. To book your benchmark meeting, email DCC@bmanalysts.com or call 031 764 6100


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