Business Accelerator Programme

Enterprise and supplier development is central to the long-term economic growth of South Africa. At a micro level, a trained supplier can give a firm a competitive advantage over its competitors. Collaborative supplier development can lead to greater economies of scale for the industry.

What is the DCC Business Accelerator?

The DCC understands the importance of channeling funds to high potential small black businesses in order to improve the competitiveness of the chemicals industry and as such has launched a Business Accelerator Programme. The Business Accelerator Programme achieves the cluster mandate to aid in driving sustainable and value-adding transformation initiatives that both assist members and promotes the growth and development of Black-owned enterprises in the local chemicals value chain.

The programme offers our members an effective, low-cost and low-risk means of managing socio-economic development (SED), enterprise development (ED) and supplier development (SD) spend to ensure that members receive their B-BBEE points while also taking an active role in developing Black-owned enterprises in the local chemicals value chain. This model makes use of a combination of grant payments and loans to provide maximum benefit for small businesses at a low-cost to firms.

Business Accelerator Programme Overview

The programme is divided into four stages:

Stage 1: The DCC meets with the participating member firm and designs a customised solution/proposal to manage SD/ED and SED spend.

Stage 2: The DCC manages the marketing to and screening of potential candidates to ensure that high-potential, high caliber candidates are selected for the programme.

Stage 3: A customized and high-quality mentorship and training programme is designed and delivered to participating small businesses.

Stage 4: The DCC manages all documentation required for audit compliance in line with the B-BBEE codes to ensure that members receive full recognition for their BBBEE spend.

The benefits for members of participating in the Business Accelerator Programme:

• Guaranteed recognition of B-BBEE spend in terms of points for ED/SD and/or SED

• Maximises the benefit from the available funds and directs them to worthy enterprises that are potentially commercially beneficial to your firm

• Time-bound support ensuring avoidance of dependency and operating cost subsidization

Support can be customised to provide maximum benefit to your firm. Your firm’s B-BBEE spend can be used to provide economically viable solutions to all aspects of your business. You can get an opportunity to work with:

1. Existing suppliers (deepened relationships)

2. New suppliers

3. Existing customers (deepened relationships)

4. New customers

Join the DCC in driving sustainable and value-adding transformation within the chemicals manufacturing sector. If your firm is interested in participating in this programme, complete the form and the DCC will be in contact thereafter.

For further enquiries, contact the DCC: DCC@bmanalysts.com | 031 764 6100


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