African Chemicals Imbizo: Engen Safety Study Tour

25 October 2018

Safety As A Critical Focus For Engen Refinery

Engen is committed to safety excellence in all their activities and wherever they operate. Their strategic focus on safety ensures long term sustainability and results in recognition by internal and external stakeholders for a strong performance record. Engen continually strives to improve their safety management processes to prevent accidents and their refinery is the highest of their safety risks.

Given the importance of safety to chemicals manufacturing firm, as part of the African Chemicals Imbizo, the Durban Chemicals Cluster welcomed registered delegates to participate in a safety tour of Engen refinery to learn about safety excellence on 25 October 2018.

The agenda  included:


Presentation: Safety as a Critical Focus at Engen Refinery


PPE Change


Tour of Engen Refinery

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