Upcoming activities

DCC Workshop: Exploring Workforce Engagement

29 August 2019

An engaged, committed workforce is key to retention and productivity. Leaders who understand how to drive a positive working culture reap the rewards of growth and  competitiveness in the market. A high level of constant and consistent engagement between employers and employees can reduce the frequency and intensity of industrial action as clear communication facilitates the troubleshooting of problems in their early stages.

Accredited Black Belt Six Sigma Training - Limited Spaces

19 Aug – 18 Oct  2019.

Maximise the return on investment and receive Black Belt certification through participating in the DCC’s new Six Sigma training programme.

Participants in the DCC programme will learn to isolate the root cause of their processes’ most intractable problems through the process and data analysis and to lead effective change by understanding the complex dynamics of the people side of business challenges.

Business Accelerator Programme

Enterprise and supplier development is central to the long-term economic growth of South Africa. At a micro level, a trained supplier can give a firm a competitive advantage over its competitors. Collaborative supplier development can lead to greater economies of scale for the industry.

What is the DCC Business Accelerator?

The DCC understands the importance of channeling funds to high potential small black businesses in order to improve the competitiveness of the chemicals industry and as such has launched a Business Accelerator Programme. The Business Accelerator Programme achieves the cluster mandate to aid in driving sustainable and value-adding transformation initiatives that both assist members and promotes the growth and development of Black-owned enterprises in the local chemicals value chain.

DCC Graduate Development Programme 2019

Starts 10 July  2019.

The DCC’s Graduate Development Programme equips graduates with the necessary skills to tackle the demands of the chemicals manufacturing workplace. With over 40 graduates in 2018/19, this popular training programme has proved successful at enabling participants’ growth and development. Participants are provided with holistic, chemicals sector specific business skills and equipped to work as competent employees in their functional areas.