Upcoming activities

African Chemicals Imbizo

24 – 25 October 2018

The 2018 African Chemicals Imbizo brings the sub-Saharan chemicals industry together to discuss the critical and collective issues it faces, gain insights from speakers and network with colleagues and stakeholders

African Chemicals Imbizo: Engen Safety Study Tour

25 October 2018

Safety As A Critical Focus For Engen Refinery

Engen is committed to safety excellence in all their activities and wherever they operate. Their strategic focus on safety ensures long term sustainability and results in recognition by internal and external stakeholders for a strong performance record. Engen continually strives to improve their safety management processes to prevent accidents and their refinery is the highest of their safety risks.

African Chemicals Imbizo: Veolia Water Management Tour

25 October 2018

Waste Water Management as a Critical Component of SHEQ

A core objective of the Durban Chemical Cluster is to promote effective SHEQ management and highlight the critical components of SHEQ for effective implementation.

DCC 2018 Management Development Programme

26 November 2018

The Durban Chemicals Cluster Management Development Programme (2018/19). The programme has been developed in association with the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA).

Graduate Development Programme 2018

17 July 2018 to 04 April 2019.

Accelerating Graduates’ workplace readiness and ability to deliver value to their firm

The DCC’s Graduate Development Programme equips graduates with the necessary skills to tackle the demands of the chemicals manufacturing workplace. With 30 graduates this popular training programme has proved successful at enabling participants’ growth and development. Participants are provided with holistic, chemicals sector specific business skills and equipped to work as competent employees in their functional areas.