Waste water treatment best practices SHEQ tour to Dyefin Textiles

18 April 2016

As part of the DCC’s SHEQ programme, Dyefin Textiles was visited by member firms to learn of their waste water management and effluent generation/treatment practices. Dyefin has made significant investment in their water treatment facilities resulting in a 35% reduction in the use of water and resultant effluent. Dyefin also operates a chemical dispensing system that reduces spillage and increases productivity due to the reduced handling of bulk chemicals. The company’s Managing Director, Mr Pooley walked the DCC through each process of the factory, explaining the waste generation and purpose of each step.

The members were extremely excited to learn of Dyefin’s water management as well as their treatment of effluent. They engaged with Mr Pooley and Production Managers asking questions on the origin of the raw materials as well as the storage of inputs. They also asked a number of questions around the packaging and handling of dyes. The tour ended with a walk through the Acacia Industrial Park which provides amongst other services, a world class effluent treatment plant.

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