Vopak’s E-nose and SHEQ Tour & Transport Accident Prevention

23 August 2016

Vopak, a member since the cluster’s inception, is the world’s leading independent tank storage provider, specialising in the storage and transhipment of bulk liquid products, gases and oil products. The company has 400 years of experience in storage and transhipment and celebrated their 4th century in existence this year.

The DCC facilitated a SHEQ tour for members to Vopak on 23 August 2016 where information was shared on Vopak’s use of technology in the form an ”E-Nose” which is used as a measurement instrument for recording changes in the air’s composition at various locations and sending that data wirelessly to a control room for detection of odours in the atmosphere.

This was followed by the sharing of observations and learnings between attendees. The session also included a presentation by Craig Proctor-Parker, founder of Accident Specialist, who has been practicing in the field since 1991. Craig has undergone extensive training and has vast experience in the field and provided insight into accident causes indicators and prevention within the chemicals logistics sector.

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