The Chemicals Market Development Plan

12 September 2019


The Chemicals Market Development Plan is a critical part of the South African Chemical Sector Strategy adopted by the Department of Trade and Industry. The principle aim is to develop a practical and implementable market plan to address blockages and unlock enablers for developing scale in local, regional and international markets for South African manufactured chemicals. Durban Chemicals Cluster facilitators, B&M Analysts, are currently undertaking the research for Phase 1 of the project and would like to take the opportunity to share preliminary findings and discuss the potential implications with cluster members.

The DCC invited senior executives, directors and those responsible for market development and growth within your organisation to join in a discussion on:

  • The opportunities for import replacement, government procurement and value chain localisation for domestic market growth.
  • Export opportunities and non-tariff barriers to trade with a focus on Sub Saharan Africa
  • Global megatrends impacting chemicals end-markets and how these may influence the outlook for the South African chemicals value chain

The presentation was followed by a facilitated session affording members the opportunity to provide feedback and insight related to the topics, debate findings and contributions toward the national Chemicals Market Development Plan.

The agenda included:


Investment & Growth TSC meeting


Presentation of phase 1 research


Facilitated workshop session

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