Skills & Transformation TSC: Amendments to Labour Relations Act

19th March 2019

Labour Laws are designed to create a positive relationship between employees and employers as they give structure to the workplace, define what employees and employers are responsible for and, in some cases, outline regulations to give both parties direction for resolving workplace conflict.

Such a relationship creates passionate employees who are proud to associate themselves with a business and even become the company’s greatest advocates. Satisfied employees are productive and their contribution to the business is great. The South African government amended the Labour Relations Act towards the end of 2018 and the amendments have a far-reaching impact on all businesses. The DCC sought to inform its members of the following:

• Amendments to the Labour Relations Act;

• The impact that the amendments will have on businesses, and

• The processes to follow in compliance

Consequences for contravention of the Act can be severe. This excludes the legal costs that come with any resolution of any conflict. It is important to keep abreast any amendments to the law because ignorance of the law cannot justify non-compliance. The Durban Chemicals Cluster recently hosted a workshop where the Labour Relations Act 2018 amendments were discussed.

The agenda included:


Skills and Transformation TSC


Labour Relations Act

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