SHEQ Tour of Gelvenor

20 May 2019

20 May 2019

The Durban Chemicals Cluster through it’s Operational Excellence Programme aims to support member firms with compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements. To help support firms the DCC hosts SHEQ best practice study tours to promote shared learning amongst firms in the manufacturing sector and to also highlight the principles and implementation of effective SHEQ management.

The DCC hosted a SHEQ tour at Gelvenor Textiles. The focus of this tour was quality management. The quality of products and services are directly linked to customer perceptions of a business and effective quality management contribute to an enhanced brand image and continued support from customers. The costs associated with reworks and scrapping materials, which can be extensive, are also reduced with effective quality management.


Gelvenor Textiles is a leading textile manufacturer and fabric engineering company that has been able to use product innovation to differentiate itself from other clothing manufacturers. Their products include a variety of aeronautical textiles, industrial fabrics, protective workwear, technical apparel and high-performance outdoor textile fabrics. They pioneered a water-based coating for parachutes and produced South Africa’s first flame retardant fabric.

The agenda included:


Operational Excellence TSC


Introduction to Gelvenor Textiles


Gelvenor Textiles Quality Management

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