SHEQ Compliance: Unpacking ISO 45001 and Waste Water Regulations

28 March 2018

To improve global standards of occupational health and safety, ISO has been developing the new ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements. These are specifically designed to help organisations reduce the burden of occupational injuries and diseases, resulting in a reduction in staff absences and rising insurance premiums. ISO 45001 aims to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions all over the world.

Franscois Labuschagne, CEO at DQS South Africa spoke at a briefing session on the new requirements of ISO 45001. DQS South Africa is an independent assessment and auditing partner that provides certifications, inspections and evaluations on occupational health and safety. This presentation unpacked the critical issues that firms need to understand in order to comply with these new standards.

In addition, the DCC welcomed Siva Chetty from Veolia Water Technologies SA, as well as Sunil Ramkisson the Acting Senior Manager for Pollution at eThekwini Municipality to present on waste water and effluent management best practices.

Veolia Water Technologies SA helps industries and municipalities provide drinking water, deal with waste water and work towards zero liquid discharge, with a focus on low-footprint, high-efficiency water treatment solutions. Siva Chetty’s presentation addressd the legislative environment as well as case studies from their experience in waste water and effluent management. Sunil Ramkisson presented the local regulatory environment for waste water and effluent management in order to ensure that firms are informed of the legal operating requirements.

The programme included:


Durban Chemicals Cluster Operational Excellence TSC


Getting to standard with ISO 45001

Francois Labuschagne, CEO at DQS South Africa


Navigating the waters: Effluent and waste water management case studies

Siva Chetty, Operations Manager at Veolia Water Technologies SA


Compliance with local requirements in waste water and effluent management

Sunil Ramkisson, Acting Senior Manager: Pollution at eThekwini Municipality

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