Operational Excellence TSC meeting-Innovation: the change that unlocks new value

21 February 2017

Innovation is not only about generating new ideas. It is fundamentally about implementing and profiting from those ideas. The importance of innovation in chemicals manufacturing therefore cannot be emphasised enough.

It is not only the production of innovative products that are different from those offered by the competition, but is also innovative and creative approaches to production processes and advertisement. Strong competition, rising input costs and a tough economic climate, forces businesses into ‘reinventing’ themselves, their products and processes in order to retain or gain market share. Therefore innovation is essential for long-term sustainability.

The session included:


Funding innovations products, facilitating innovations programmes and key partners for innovation

Technology Innovation Agency of South Africa (TIA)


The benefits of innovations, best practice and on current and future innovations training courses on offer to DCC members

B&M Analysts

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