Industry 4.0 Working Group: Product Innovation

28 February 2019

Join the DCC Working Group to ready your business for Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is changing traditional ways of doing business and innovation is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. New competitors can come from anywhere, enabled by new technologies that can quickly disrupt long-established markets. Companies unprepared for this rapid innovation have a dismal future ahead of them. No major disruptions have occurred in the South African chemicals manufacturing sector, however, preparation in this regard is imperative.

The DCC initiated an Industry 4.0 working group in order to help our members prepare for industry 4.0 and to future-proof their businesses. More importantly, however is to ensure that our member firms can take practical steps to creating industry 4.0 and innovation conscious businesses. The working group consists of a theoretical and practical aspect.

The first theoretical session focused on product innovation and will be held at Gelvenor Textiles. Gelvenor Textiles is a leading textile manufacturer and fabric engineering company that has been able to use product innovation to differentiate itself from other clothing manufacturers. Their achievements include pioneering a water-based coating for parachutes and producing South Africa’s first flame retardant fabric.

The agenda included:


Gelvenor Textiles: Product Innovation Journey


Factory Tour


Industry 4.0 Product Innovation Training

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