Engen Safety Circle: Fostering a safety culture

20 February 2019

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever – for families, friends, communities and co-workers. The value of human life is immeasurable. The Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC), through its Operational Excellence programme, aims to ensure that our members strive for the implementation of the strictest safety management principles to ensure that the employees of our members return home to their families and friends at the end of each workday. But this is not the only reason: reducing injuries reduces costs to your business, safe workers are loyal and hard workers, safety improves quality through the creation of a clean and efficient workspaces.

The DCC  partnered with Engen Refinery to offer quarterly Safety Circles where the team at Engen share their knowledge and expertise with members and the collective knowledge of safety management can deepen to ensure safer and more efficient chemicals manufacturing plants in Durban. The DCC and Engen Refinery hosted the first Safety Circle on the 20th of February 2019.

The agenda included:


Operational Ecellence TSC Metting


Engen Presentation: Learnings from previous incidents


DCC Presentation/Discussion: Safety compliance and new trends

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