Delivering on Investment & Growth: Chemicals Sector Strategy Alignment

10 April 2019


A competitive, growing and transformed chemicals manufacturing industry that contributes positively to economic growth and delivers robust returns to investors, employees and society more broadly.

The South African chemicals industry plays a critical role in the country’s economy. It is deeply interconnected with the manufacturing sector more broadly, contributing approximately a quarter of South Africa’s manufacturing production. Although the local chemicals sector has recently been characterised by strong market growth, with healthy and steady demand for chemicals products, the chemicals manufacturing sector has shown consistently weak performance, with its contribution to total manufacturing output declining significantly over the past 10 years.

Recognising this challenge, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) developed a strategic framework for decisions pertaining to enhancing local demand growth for the sector and translating this into increased manufacturing value add and employment. In order to ensure that the DCC aligns its Investment and Growth programmes with this national strategy, the cluster invited members to attend a workshop outlining the overview of the Chemicals Strategy and workshop the DCC’s role in achieving the industry’s vision.

The agenda will included:


Investment and Growth TSC


Overview of the South African Chemicals Strategy


Workshop Discussion: Identifying areas of alignment

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