Industry 4.0 Innovations and Applications in the Chemicals Sector

19 June 2019

The future of chemicals is increasingly automated, connected and data-driven. What do these interventions look like in the South African context? What skills sets are required if the South African chemicals sector is to follow this global trend and remain competitive and relevant? 

DataProphet Consulting develops artificial intelligence solutions for the manufacturing sector and Industry 4.0. OMNI, one of their flagship products, uses machine learning to actively detect defects and reduce scrap in the manufacturing process by optimising control parameters. In turn, it saves on waste and increases margins.

The DCC and DataProphet hosted an informative and interactive session introducing Industry 4.0 concepts in the chemicals sector, as well as practical opportunities for implementation with leading industry partners.

The agenda included:


DCC Investment and Growth TSC


Industry 4.0 Solutions for Chemicals Manufacturing


Workshop, questions and discussion

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