DCC 2019 Waste Compliance Support Programme Lauch

19 September 2019

Waste disposal is under increasing pressure as urban areas expand and landfill capacity becomes limited and costly. Hazardous and liquid waste is a particular challenge due to the associated health and environmental risks. In South Africa, waste management legislation addresses and manages these risks through regularly revised acts and regulations. The chemicals industry is challenged to review waste management practice on a regular basis to remain compliant and strive for best practice operations.

The DCC recognises the extent and complexity of the legislation and offers a waste management support programme, specifically addressing legal compliance. Direct firm support is offered to assess current waste management practices, identify legal compliance gaps, and assist members to reach full compliance.

On 19 September the DCC invited members to participate in a waste legal review and support workshop. Waste legislation updates were  covered, as well as an overview of the DCC 2019/2020 Waste compliance support programme, how this can benefit your firm, and steps to participation. A member presented a project case study where liquid waste to landfill is reduced via a portable solution, in order to comply with recent legislative requirements 

The agenda  included:


Waste Legal Update


DCC 2019/2020 Waste Compliance Support Programme


Member pilot project

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