Corrosion control and vessel maintenance

8 June 2016

H&R SA hosted a SHEQ best practice tour for DCC member firms on 08 June 2016 at their plant in Bluff. H&R’s product range is based on Group 1 lube refinery specialities and local production consists of a range of base oils, petroleum jelly, process oils, agricultural spray oils and wax products. Firms were able to see how they conduct their SHEQ activities. Steve Holt, Corrosion Engineer with over three decades experience in the field also shared with DCC members learnings relating to Above Ground Storage Tank maintenance. The session covered the following aspects:

  • Introduction – Oil Industry Corrosion Control Group (OICCG)
  • OICCG services
  • OICCG Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) program
  • AST inspection methods
  • AST case studies
  • AST corrosion protection & monitoring
  • Discussion & questions

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