A collaborative approach to managing B-BBEE and employee health care

10 October 2017

The DCC is hosted a workshop focusing on two critical human resource issues:

  • A potential means of providing primary health care to workers &
  • A concept for channeling firms’ B-BBEE spend to meaningfully contribute to industry transformation.

Primary health care for the Durban Chemicals Cluster

Currently there is a major drive by the South African Department of Health to provide health care services to workers and their families, much closer to where they work. A recent study conducted with a company in Phoenix Industrial Park proved that absenteeism relating to health contributed 2% to the cost of sales. Brad Mears of Southern Cross presents on a potential initiative for the provision of primary healthcare services to address the basic healthcare needs of employees.

A collaborative approach to managing B-BBEE spend

Individual efforts and associated spend by firms on B-BBEE are significant, however a collaborative approach to B-BBEE by the DCC member firms could more contribute more meaningfully to industry transformation, maximise spend efficacy, delivery more significant results, develop a larger skills pipeline and further enhance members’ competitiveness. Join the Durban Chemicals Cluster in a discussion on how to best manage the cluster’s B-BBEE spend for the benefit of the industry and to reduce risks of B-BBEE spend not being recognised.

The programme included:


Skills and Transformation Technical Steering Committee meeting


Presentation: A primary health care initiative for the Durban Chemicals Cluster


Presentation: A collaborative approach to managing you firm’s B-BBEE spend

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