Graduate Development Programme

Accelerating Graduates’ workplace readiness and ability to deliver value to their firm

The DCC’s Graduate Development Programme equips graduates with the necessary skills to tackle the demands of the chemicals manufacturing workplace. With 30 graduates this popular training programme has proved successful at enabling participants’ growth and development. Participants are provided with holistic, chemicals sector specific business skills and equipped to work as competent employees in their functional areas.

This outcomes based training will be executed by an external and internal mentor who will guide the graduate through the modular content.

External Mentor

The DCC will be providing an external, experienced engineer to be the mentor for all graduates on the GDP. The mentor will provide:

  • One day of training on the content per module. This is conducted at group level with all graduates participating in the programme;
  • Each individual graduate will receive 2 hours of mentoring by the mentor at their firm on each module.

Internal Mentor

Firms are required to ensure adequate on-site line functioning reporting (i.e. the graduate must report to an appropriate manager or senior engineer during the course of the programme).

Why mentoring?

  • Mentored employees perform better, advance more rapidly, report greater job and career satisfaction;
  • 35% of employees with no mentor planned to look for new employment within the next year, while only 16% with good mentors do;
  • 60% of graduates indicate that the availability of a mentoring programme weighed heavily in their decision regarding selection of employer.

Entry Requirements

Graduates with tertiary qualifications (Degree / Diploma / Higher Education Certificate)

The DCC can accommodate a class of 30 learners and this will be on a first to RSVP basis.