The Quarter 4 DCC Newsletter

April – June 2018


The Quarter 4 DCC Newsletter focusses on the Cluster’s Skills and Transformation Programme. This programme is critical to the DCC and aims to ensure the longevity and sustainability of chemicals manufacturing sector through upskilling employees, the youth and small business.

The following articles can be found in this issue:

1. DCC Year in Review – The DCC financial year 2017/18 has come to a close, and with that, we present the successes of the past 12 months
2. Developing Future-Focussed Manufacturing Skills – Essential for preparing your industry for the next phase in manufacturing
4. Launching the DCC Management Development Programme – Strengthening critical strategic skills for management development
5. DCC Graduate Development Programme – Assisting Graduates in reaching their full potential in the chemicals industry
6. CHIETA Funded Youth Development Programme – Developing the next generation of chemicals manufacturing employees and managers

Executive Training on South Africa

January – March 2018

The focus of this newsletter is on long-term strategy and effective management of growth while ensuring compliance to global business standards – in line with the Cluster’s Investment and Growth programme. This programme focuses on the macro-eco­nomic environment and seeks to address the shared challenges that the local chemicals industry faces in harnessing market share, growing exports and attracting investment. It also supports the growth of the local chemicals manufacturing sector in domestic and inter­national markets through the effective use of investment interventions.

In this issues, readers will find articles on:

  • Nominating African Trade Partners for the 2018 African Chemicals Imbizo
  • Executive Training on South Africa in 2030
  • Understanding ISO 45001
  • Reviewing the 2017 Legislative Environment
  • Upskilling the Youth through Process Safety Management
  • Developing Small Business through Innovation in Chemicals Manufacturing

Focus on Operational Excellence

October – December 2017


The DCC’s Business Plan identifies compliance with safety, health and environmental requirements as a priority for member firms, as they must be able to comply with an increasingly complex set of requirements, in a cost-effective manner, thus, the DCC’s Operational Excellence Programme seeks to support member firms in terms of compliance to safety, health and environmental requirements, through research and promoting dialogues with members and stakeholders. In the last quarter, the DCC has provided support to members in several aspects of operational excellence. Process Safety Management training for executives was a highlight this quarter, along with an introduction to an innovative supply chain methodology – Demand Driven Planning Material Requirements Planning. DCC members learnt about SHEQ best practice with a SHEQ tour to Bidvest Tank Terminals, and member firm, Sun Chemical completed an intensive eight-week lean manufacturing programme which brought impressive results. The DCC rounded-up its quarter with a workshop to understand how member firms could unlock export opportunities. Lastly, the DCC was delighted to receive renewed support from eThekwini Municipality.

Reviewing the South African Chemicals Sector

July – September 2017


The chemicals sector is valuable to the South African economy and employs just over 100 000 individuals, a figure that has remained fairly stable over the past decade. The South African chemicals sector sales have shown consistent growth over the past 10 years and the industry has outperformed broader manufacturing over the same period. Over this time, manufacturing output grew at a compound average growth rate of 1.1% per annum while chemicals manufacturing specifically outpaced this figure with 3.7% per annum. Despite this growth however, South Africa’s chemicals trade balance is negative and growing, reflecting the reality that imports have been the biggest beneficiary of the growing local chemicals market.

This newsletter focuses on the South African Chemicals sector, key strategies for growth and opportunities for investment in Africa.

Overview of the international chemicals industry

April-June 2017

Given the trends in the international chemicals industry, it is safe to assume that uncertainty is undoubtedly the sector’s new normal. Although the global industry has in the past decade swung between good times and bad, most recent trends seem to highlight that it will, at least in the short term, be unlikely to return to the robust profitability experienced in previous decades. There are, however, strategic steps that chemicals companies can take to improve growth and profitability.

Innovating and going green

January-March 2017

With natural resources declining in both quantity and quality, the time has come to practice resource recovery. Materials, water and energy that are regarded as unproductive by one company can be turned into a business opportunity by another operating nearby.

A new outlook for the chemicals industry

October-December 2016

Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC) facilitators, B&M Analysts, have secured the bid to develop the Chemicals Sector Strategy with the IDC. DCC members will be afforded the opportunity to provide insight into the development of the strategy and provide meaningful feedback that can positively impact the future of the sector.

Chemicals Imbizo: the catalyst for investment and growth

July-September 2016

The 2016 Chemicals Imbizo was delivered as part of the Durban Chemicals Cluster’s (DCC) activities under the Investment and Growth Programme. This programme aims to facilitate investments in both capital equipment and innovation to enhance the competitiveness within the local chemicals manufacturing sector.

The 2016 event saw a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of outputs as compared to the previous year.

Africa: where's the opportunity?

April-June 2016

The DCC has undertaken research to identify which countries are consuming more or less KZN chemicals in relation to their GDP than others, thereby identifying countries that may be underserviced and offer untapped export potential for DCC members.

Introduction to the draft carbon tax bill

January-March 2016

The draft carbon tax bill released for comment on 02 November last year should have caught the attention of the chemicals industry. The National Treasury has indicated that it will stand firm on implementing the tax from 01 January 2017 therefore the DCC will be covering this important issue in more detail in 2016.

2015 Chemicals Imbizo: creating chemical linkages in and beyond SA

July-September 2015

The Chemicals Imbizo, hosted by the Durban Chemicals Cluster at Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, saw key players in the chemicals value chain come together and create linkages within the industry. The Imbizo hosted over 150 industry representatives that participated in the various activities which included business linkage meetings, a sector conference and exhibition.

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