Freeing Up Trade in Africa: Practical Insights for Manufacturers

08 May 2018

The first two legal instruments for launching the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), along with the Kigali Declaration, have just been signed. What happens next and when can real trade benefits be expected? What exactly is the AfCFTA? What are the long-terms plans behind this initiative? The Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC) welcomes Trudi Hartzenberg, Chief Executive Officer of the Trade Law Centre (Tralac), to discuss this pivotal change promoting intra-continental trade and investment in order to highlight how this agreement is set to impact local manufacturing and production.  

In addition, the DCC hosts Lubin Ozoux, Director for International Business at Sumitomo Rubber to share Sumitomo’s experience with leveraging African markets for economic growth. Sumitomo Rubber has successfully penetrated the African market with high export volumes to a large number of different African countries. Their business in Africa has come with its own set of challenges, hurdles and successes.

The programme will include:


Durban Chemicals Cluster Investment and Growth Technical Steering Committee Meeting


Plant tour of H&R South AfricaFreeing Up Trade in Africa: Insights into the new African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)


Learnings from Sumitomo Rubber’s successful African expansion strategy

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