Skills Development and Transformation


The objective of the Skills Development and Transformation programme is to focus on attracting, developing and retaining skills. B-BBEE has been identified as a key priority for the DCC, in terms of both promoting the development of Black-owned chemicals manufacturing enterprises, addressing geographical inequalities through supporting township-based innovators, and the improved transformation profile of established business. The DCC has also prioritised the development of the youth and new entrants into the chemicals manufacturing sector through its skills and training programmes.

Quarterly Knowledge Sharing and Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Sessions

Capacity building is provided to member firms in the form of structured learning sessions paired with the skills development and transformation programme quarterly TSC meetings.  Sessions focus on relevant topics for HR managers and those responsible for managing B-BBEE in their organisations.

Executive Development Programme

The programme focussed on strategy development and lean leadership to meet the changing needs of the sector.

Management Development Programme

The objective of the Management Development Programme (MDP) is to equip chemicals managers with the necessary competence to not only implement their organisations’ strategic objectives, but to help them build their skills in managing people.

Graduate Development Programme

The DCC continues to deliver its well supported Graduate Development Programme (GDP). This programme is targeted at graduates with degrees or diplomas in a chemical related field, as well as support staff in the industry. This programme is aimed at developing new entrant professional skills within the local chemical industry and provides chemical firms with engineers and professionals that have well rounded business skills to complement their technical qualifications.

Chemical Operator Training

This programme attempt to improve the lean thinking by operator level staff to reduce wastes and operate more effectively. The programme empowers team leaders to drive lean manufacturing best practice on the shop floor.

Transformation Support

The DCC is expanding the Business Accelerator concept which develops emerging black-owned small business, while supporting the B-BBEE scorecards of established industry.  It is an enterprise and supplier development initiative to assist firms in better aligning their ED/SD spend toward high potential enterprises that could have a commercial impact, ultimately assisting large firms with the procurement challenge and new entrants with access to capital to kick-start and accelerate their operations. Training and mentoring of Black-owned SMEs is a key aspect of this development programme.

Youth Development Programme

The DCC, in collaboration with industry organizations provide development support to unemployed youth. This support includes accredited work-readiness training programmes, and exposure of candidates to the DCC member base for potential employment.

COVID-19 Recession Recovery Support

a. People, labour and health and safety risk working groups – Peer learning focused on managing best practice in employee productivity and health and safety.

b. Health and safety supplier database – Maintenance and upgrading of a health and safety supplier database.

c. Policies, procedures and regulations – Regular updates on new policies, procedures and government regulations; development and updating of policy and procedure documentation.

d. Recession and cost reduction focused training (professionals) – Online training to support managers in multi-skilling, managing cost reduction and the recession environment.

e. Recession and cost reduction focused training (shop-floor) – Waste and cost reduction programme.