Skills Development and Industry Transformation


The objective of the Skills Development and Transformation programme is to focus on attracting, developing and retaining skills. B-BBEE has been identified as a key priority for the DCC, in terms of both promoting the development of Black-owned chemicals manufacturing enterprises and the enhanced transformation profile of established business. The DCC has also prioritised the development of the youth and new-entrants into the chemicals manufacturing sector through its skills and training programmes.

Management Development Programme

DCC delivers an online, chemicals specific Management Development Programme (MDP). This programme is the first MDP in South Africa to be tailored specifically to the chemicals industry. The programme is aimed at senior management, management, and staff members with management potential. Subject matter covered in this programme includes (1) Globalisation and Economics, (2) Financial Management and Cost Accounting, (3) Chemicals Manufacturing, (4) Supply Chain Management, (5) Enterprise Risk Management, (6) Strategic and Change Management, (7) People Management, (8) Labour Relations, (9) Business Ethics, (10) Creating Innovative Environments, and (11) Project and Programme Management.

Graduate Development Programme

This programme is aimed at graduates with degrees or diplomas in a chemical related field.  The programme provides graduates with a holistic business understanding with theoretical and practical training on: (1) Induction, (2) Quality, (3) Manufacturing, (4) Commercial and (5) Health and Safety.  This provides chemical firms with engineers that have well rounded business skills to complement their technical qualifications and makes them more employable and value adding to the chemical manufacturers.

Chemical Operator Skills Support Programme

This programme aims to improve the lean thinking at operator level staff so as to reduce wastes and operate more effectively. Modules for this programme include (1) Lean, (2) Problem Solving, (3) 5S, (4) Communication and Visual Project Management, (4) Production Flow, (6) Production Flow, (7) Total Quality Management, (8) Total Preventative Maintenance, (9) Project Management and (10) Leadership.

Youth Workplace Readiness Programme

This programme is aimed specifically at developing the youth within the chemicals sector and also potential new entrants into the industry. This training provides insight into Process Safety and how individuals can prevent catastrophic accidents, near misses and other safety concerns. The programme also introduces Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) training to learners. Process Safety training is essential to ensure safe and healthy workplaces.

Black-Owned SME Development

The DCC’s BBBEE support programme includes business plan development support; incentive access support; participation in study tours to larger enterprises; and market linkages. The DCC also provides on-site training to small businesses who struggle with the capacity to relieve staff for off-site training.

Transformation Support

The DCC hosts workshops and training programmes for black-owned suppliers into the chemicals sector and also facilitates the networking of black-owned suppliers with members. The DCC aims to connect members with local black-owned firms for business development and also capacitate the suppliers to ensure quality service and goods delivery. A collaborative approach to B-BBEE is also facilitated between member firms. Opportunities to focus B-BBEE spend on initiatives of common interest and, strategically, youth development and small enterprise development are facilitated.