SHEQ Tour: Mondi Merebank

2 November 2017

The next DCC Operational Excellence Technical Steering Committee meeting will include a tour of Mondi’s Merebank plant. The tour focusses on the health and safety standards maintained at the plant and is an ideal opportunity for shared learning and developing collective knowledge on SHEQ-related matters. Mondi is an international packaging and paper group, employing approximately 25 400 people across 30 countries.

Mondi’s Merebank Mill produces a range of office paper products, including their premium South African brand, Mondi Rotatrim. This plant also produces newsprint and telephone directory paper, primarily for the South African market.


The programme will include:


Operational Excellence Technical Steering Committee meeting


Presentation: Health and safety at Mondi’s Merebank Mill


SHEQ tour: Mondi Mill

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