Operational excellence


The objective of the Operational Excellence Programme is to support compliance to safety, health and environment requirements through research and promoting dialogues with members and stakeholders on compliance and updating members on regulatory requirements for industry. Priority focus areas of this programme are listed below.

Clarify legislation

The DCC continues to research environmental and related compliance legislation that is planned and will affect member firms. The DCC will continue to ensure this is communicated to member firms via email notifications and once a year will provide a database of legislation changes via registers that are available for individual members to download from the website.

Assistance with compliance

Where necessary the DCC provides one-on-one assistance to member firms to assist them to become compliance. This may necessitate individual meetings, the creation of short term focus groups to assist member firms while they grapple with specific compliance problems and liaising with the relevant government departments.

SHEQ capacity building

Capacity building is provided to member firms in the form of structured learning sessions and best practice plan tours.

Lean training and continuous improvement networks

Quality Circles

A Quality Circle (QC) is an appropriate World Class Manufacturing intervention to drive improved performance and safety in the chemicals industry. The aim of the QC programme is to facilitate and encourage an improved focus on QC as a robust mechanism that supports continuous improvement and thus production and enhanced competitiveness at firms, while encouraging a focus on improved processes and quality awareness.

Firm-level benchmarking

Firm-level benchmarking outlines the competitiveness of member firms and indicates the strategic and operational priority competitiveness issues of firms. Benchmarks provide members with insights into their operational performance, in turn informing the focus on improvement interventions.