Investment and Growth


The Investment and Growth Programme supports the growth of the local chemicals manufacturing sector in domestic and international markets through the effective use of investment and innovation interventions. With the chemicals manufacturing industry of South Africa being highly capital intensive, the aim of this programme is to facilitate investments in both capital equipment and innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the firms and facilitate growth.

Buyer-supplier trade platform

Exposure to growth opportunities will be facilitated through enabling buyer-supplier meeting interactions with domestic and export customers. This is done through the annual African Chemicals Imbizo held in Durban. A strong emphasis will be placed on leveraging opportunities linked to Public Sector Preferential Procurement and enabling access to African export markets.

The African Chemicals Imbizo provides a platform for chemicals firms to understand key developments and opportunities in the sector; interact with foreign and domestic customers; and network with key stakeholders in the sector.

Designated procurement facilitation

The DCC identifies opportunities that exist for the local chemicals sector to benefit from designated government procurement.

Incentive access support

As a sector specific PPP, the DCC is well positioned to play a key role in enabling access to incentives, thereby playing a catalytic role in relation to investment and growth.

Investment project support

The DCC engages with key government and non-government entities to support new investment in the industry. This support is intended to be project /investment specific. The DCC proactively explores opportunities and tools, which could contribute to the growth and development of the local chemicals manufacturing sector.

Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) support desk

The BR&E support desk continues to provide assistance on a wide ranging list of ‘red tape’ type issues as these are seen as either direct or indirect investment inhibitors. This has been identified as central to the DCC’s focus on business retention within this sector.

Who should participate in the Investment and Growth programme?

  • Managing Directors and CEOs
  • Operations Managers and Executives
  • Commercial Directors
  • General Managers and Executives
  • Business Development Managers and Executives
  • Production Managers and Executives
  • Supply Chain Managers and Executives